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Things we need to do!

Get Members

The more members we have the more power we'll have to get a space and funding. Members are the key to everything.

Recruit recruit recruit! Get members onto the email distribution list, Facebook page and/or Twitter feed!

Legal Stuff


  • Create the Memorandum of Association (complete).
  • Create the Articles of Association (complete).
  • Identify directors (complete).
  • Fill in [form IN01] (notes [here]) (complete).
  • Send forms to Companies House with £40 fee (complete).
  • Update findmeagrant with Natwest account details (complete).
  • Registered for corporation tax (complete, tax year is 1st April to 31st March).

Left to do:


  • Policy in place with Export and General valid from 24th June 2016 to 23rd June 2017.

Natwest Bank Account

Natwest 0800 056 1388

  • Account called "Business Current Account" and is free while total fiscal income is less than £100,000.
  • Paying-in book, cheque book. Free online banking, debit card.
  • Charges apply if overdrawn or bounced cheques.


  • 15-20 minute phone call to commence application. Triggers the posting or email of an application form (complete).
  • Application form is approx 20 pages, can be scanned to return (complete).
  • Will receive acknowledgement by phone, post or email (complete).
  • Approx 5 day processing time (complete).
  • Know Your Business telephone call, 15-20 minutes (complete).
  • 5-15 working days account activation time (complete).

Find a space!

Lease signed with Thatcham Town Council for The Pavilion.

Get funding

This will be an ongoing challenge. Ideas should go here.


We need to build or do something to bring ourselves to the attention of the general public.

  • Crafty Craft Race
  • EMFCamp
  • Community project
  • ClusterBots

Wiki/website work

Stuff that needs doing to the wiki

  • Table extension - to make adding tables simpler, there are a few extensions out there that will need evaluating.
  • Sort out navigation panel on left hand side, to cover the categories and make the wiki easier to navigate.


  • Install some website software set up basic form and get volunteers to do bits to it.
  • Define the discipline and safeguarding policies. Allow emergency suspension of members pending EGM?


  • Central, secure location for passwords. Server passwords, wiki, website, DB, dns panel, twitter/Facebook
  • Consider email solution