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The Google Group ([1]) is our official form of communication with the membership. This is where meetings are arranged, polls are taken and discussion occurs. Please consider membership of the Google Group mandatory to maximise your participation in the Hackspace.

Interactive (informal) chat occurs on Slack ( Please ask another member for an invitation and we shall be glad to add you.

See the Rules page for considerations regarding using both of these communication media.

Domestic Members

All membership fees are discretionary. It costs us approximately £25/month/member and that is our guideline monthly membership for members. We list a "Basic Member" below as a guideline for those interested in the Hackspace who feel that their own time or financial constraints make the £25/month rate inappropriate for their personal situation.

Some members pay less than £25/month and some members pay more. We ask potential members to assess the value of the space to their own situation, consider the costs of running the space and identify a monthly fee which suits them.

Membership Rates

Membership Level Joining Fee Monthly Fee Access key/card (see note below) Accompanied Commercial Use Permitted Comments
Visitor No Yes No Visitor only, no access to tools/machines
Guest No Yes No Must be 'mentored' by a Member for the duration of the visit.
Basic Junior £1 £1 No Yes No Under 18s only, must be accompanied by a Member.
Full Junior £1 £5 (recommended) No Yes No Under 18s only, must be accompanied by a Member.
Full Member £5 £25 (recommended) Yes No No Adults (over 18s) only.
Family Membership £5 £35
(£25 Personal Membership + £10 Family Membership)
Yes No No Members of a single household sharing the same address.

Note: A refundable key deposit of £10 and proof of name/address are required for members wishing for their own key. The deposit will be returned upon receipt of the key. Family membership levels only entitle the members to one (shared) key. Families or households requiring individual access should join as individuals.