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Full Members are permitted storage within the storage container acknowledging the following rules:

  • Each storage unit will be approximately equivalent to a 65 litre 'moving' crate.
  • The member will buy each storage crate from the Hackspace at a nominal price of £15.
  • Any content of the crate becomes the property of the Hackspace if the member ceases membership or becomes more than 30 days overdue on their fees or account.
  • If the storage crate is returned in good (undamaged) condition the Hackspace will buy the crate back from the member at the same price of £15.
  • The member absolves the Hackspace and all other members from all responsibility for the security of items they leave in their crates.
  • No member is permitted access to any crate other than their own except under the direction of the owning member or the directors of the Hackspace.
  • The member must not store any items in the crate requiring licences, permissions or any items requiring health and safety labelling. Examples include:
    • Paint
    • Aerosols
    • Corrosives
    • Flammable liquids or gases qualifying for H&S labelling
    • Explosives
    • Firearms
    • Lithium batteries
    • Volatile chemicals

Members are encouraged to place a simple lock on the crate and discouraged from placing valuables in their crate.


  • Crate purchase from Hackspace: £15.
  • Hackspace buy-back on used (but undamaged) crates: £15.
  • First member storage crate storage fee: Included for members paying more than £10 per calendar month.
  • Further member storage crates storage fee: £5/crate per month.


Crate allocations
ID Colour Member Start Date
00 Red Andrew 18/07/2017
01 Red Pete Stuart 21/07/2017
02 Red Jonathan 03/08/2017
03 Red User:F948lan 10/08/2017
04 Red User:Chris 12/08/2017
05 Red
06 Red Graham Pratley 30/12/2017
07 Red
08 Red Paul Rock 05/07/2018
09 Red Victor Williamson 05/07/2018