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There are a number of machines in the hackspace which members are not permitted to use until they have received training by a designated trainer. This is required to prevent members from harming themselves, harming others and/or damaging equipment. Signage is placed on or near equipment to which this rule applies. The list of this equipment can be found here. The minimum training mandated by Newbury and District Hackspace offers an orientation of the specifics of the equipment and is not a substitute for self-study or safety oriented training for the equipment. Users MUST undertake their own research to ensure that they have the required competence to operate the equipment.

Training is performed in small groups and sessions occur once or twice a month (as demand dictates). Times and dates for these sessions will be posted on the Newbury Hackspace Google Group (!forum/newbury-hackspace) and Facebook page (

The designated trainer for each machine is listed on its respective Wiki page (see below).

We maintain a record of the training received by each member. Members must confirm receipt of training by signing this record before being allowed to use whatever piece of equipment that training pertained to.

Health & Safety

Firstly, as a condition of membership, all members must comply with the general Hackspace rules listed here. These rules are on display in several places within the hackspace (TODO - Matt B). Members must also take precautions to ensure their own safety as well as that of others:

Safety Glasses

A number of machines within the hackspace are capable of producing a great deal of debris and projecting it a considerable distance. As such suitable eye protection must be worn, not only by members using the machines, but also by anyone occupying the workshop space. Suitable eye protection means safety glasses conforming to BS EN 166:2001 - Prescription eyeglasses do not count!

Several pairs of safety glasses are available in the hackspace and can also be purchased fairly inexpensively from most DIY outlets.

Hair & Clothing

Long hair must be tied back and tucked away to ensure it cannot get caught and drawn into any moving machinery. For the same reason, members must not use machines whilst wearing long sleeves and must not wear gloves made from fabric, leather or any other tough material. Wearing lab coats with elasticated cuffs will help.

It is strongly recommended that members wear thin disposable nitrile gloves whilst using machinery to protect their skin from grease and oils (which could otherwise cause nasty conditions like dermatitis). Latex gloves are not recommended because they tend to dissolve in contact with oil and also grip to machine handles as you try to operate them. It is important that the gloves are thin and able to rip if caught in moving machinery so as not to drag your hands in with them. Washing-up rubber gloves are not deemed suitable because they are too thick.

Disposable nitrile and latex gloves (the latter being better suited to work with solvents) are made available to members in the hackspace.

Leather gauntlets, overalls and a full welding facemask are required when using the welding equipment.


The pages listed here detail the equipment available in the hackspace and indicate designated trainers where applicable.